Roma Costumes carries an excellent School Girl Costumes Collection that will be sure to turn some heads this Halloween! You'll find several school girl looks ranging from good, sweet, to clueless and naughty styles too.  Check out the Study Partner Costume-4549 that will for sure make you the most popular student this Halloween. This costume includes the front tie Top & plaid high Skirt and I'm sure many will desire a study session with you when you wear this perfect school girl costume to your Halloween event this year.


Another great pick would be the School Girl Without a Clue Costume - 4830, this costume is the perfect picture that comes to mind when you hear school girl costume, it includes a short pleated Skirt, a Blazer, and a Top with an attached Vest. I'm sure you'll love this style, it is not too exposed and therefore still leaves a lot to the imagination which makes this a very flirty and cute school girl costume.


Finally, if you want to go for an even more teasing school girl style, don't forget to check out the Naughty Private School Hottie-4754 which will have everyone interested in how conservative or not you really are. What’s great about these school girl styles is the fact that they never really go out of fashion, because school girls will always exist. They’re not the latest and most popular movie characters, but you’ll find that the school girl costumes are always wanted and welcomed anywhere. Which makes these costume an even better choice since you’ll definitely be able to wear it again.